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What is sports Medicine?

Regenerative sports medicine is the diagnosis and prevention of physical and sports injuries by using the patient’s own biological tissues.

Unlike reactive medicine, in the proactive model, regenerative medicine and holistic approaches to treatment optimize the body’s endurance, stamina, and injury repair. These cutting-edge regenerative sports medicine solutions include Stem cell activation therapies, Prolotherapy, Prolozone, and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) to enhance athletic performance and stimulate the body’s healing process.

At AEON Clinic, our team will give you the tools to tackle the most difficult issues using a proactive approach. Schedule your appointment now for the best regenerative sports medicine.

Benefits of sports Medicine

Following are the benefits of regenerative sports medicine

  • Non-surgical
  • Fast healing and recovery
  • Promote active lifestyle
  • Prevent injuries
  • Helps stay in shape

The AEON Approach

At AEON clinic, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge regenerative and aesthetic treatments that have been developed by our medical experts through decades of research and development in the field.


Your experience at Aeon Clinic starts with a comprehensive consultation which includes a complete medical history and physical assessment.


Based on your consultation, your healthcare provider will run the most advanced medical testing to get complete baseline information on your current health condition.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Depending on your comprehensive evaluation, our medical team will devise a treatment plan which is customized to your individual health status, including lifestyle modification.

Follow up

Once you have completed the initial treatment plan, our healthcare experts will guide you toward a follow-up program to maintain your true well-being.


Sports Medicine involves the treatments and strategies designed to prevent chronic injuries during daily life, sports tournaments, and athletic competitions to empower patients to compete at the highest level.

For anyone with sports injuries, whether during sports, gym, or active lifestyle, Sports Medicine can help restore optimal fitness by getting the right treatment.

Regenerative Sports Medicines practice a holistic approach and natural healing process to treat many musculoskeletal injuries, including but not limited to osteoarthritis and tendon tears. This treatment also expedites the healing process, thereby helping patients heal faster.

The cost depends on different factors, including the patient's condition, the technique used, and desired outcomes. You can ask about the cost during the consultation session.

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