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What is Detoxification?

Humans are surrounded by toxins and toxic substances. They are in the air we breathe, sometimes the food we eat, the beverages we consume, the products we use on our skin, and things around our households.

Normally, the body has the ability to flush out certain toxins and toxic substances and eliminate them as waste products. However, sometimes, the body cannot keep up with the barrage of toxins in today’s modern lifestyle. Over time, the toxic substances can build up and cause acute and chronic damage.

At AEON Clinic, we have a multitude of different treatment modalities to help detoxify the body and specific organs. So, book your appointment now to eliminate toxins, improve health, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Detoxification

Detoxification has many health benefits. These are some of the benefits it offers:

  • Blood purification
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Boost energy level
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Help in digestion

The AEON Approach

At AEON clinic, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge regenerative and aesthetic treatments that have been developed by our medical experts through decades of research and development in the field.


Your experience at Aeon Clinic starts with a comprehensive consultation which includes a complete medical history and physical assessment.


Based on your consultation, your healthcare provider will run the most advanced medical testing to get complete baseline information on your current health condition.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Depending on your comprehensive evaluation, our medical team will devise a treatment plan which is customized to your individual health status, including lifestyle modification.

Follow up

Once you have completed the initial treatment plan, our healthcare experts will guide you toward a follow-up program to maintain your true well-being.


Detox means cleansing the body of harmful substances that can affect health negatively. During the process, our body eliminates toxins from the body.

The body has the ability to detox on its own by breaking down toxins through the digestive tract, liver, skin, and kidneys and eliminating them as waste products.

The buildup of toxins can lead to many acute and chronic damages like a weakened immune system, infections, illness, etc.

Heavy metal toxicity can lead to several problems, such as damage to vital organs, neurological degeneration, allergies, and more. At AEON Clinic, we check the toxins in the blood through blood tests and use different treatment modalities to detoxify the body and specific organs.

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