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Dr. Basanta Khatry-Chhetry is an emphatic general practitioner from South Africa with a keen interest in the field of aesthetic, functional and regenerative medicine. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Dr. Basanta completed his medical degree from the renowned University of Cape Town with honors subsequently, working in Durban in general practice in both the state hospitals and community health centres but also in private practice.

His clinical experience working in a busy Accident and Emergency unit in Durban has equipped him with the knowledge and necessary skills to contribute to a patient’s well-being whilst making critical decisions.

He holds a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and is trained in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

He is passionate about providing a holistic approach to managing his patients, and through combining integrative, functional and aesthetic medicine, he aims to achieve total bio-psycho-social well-being.

Treatments with Dr. Basanta Khatry-Chhetry

+971 4 518 5777