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Ramadan & Eid Hacks

Mar 11, 2024


As Ramadan is fast approaching, the AEON Clinic has prepared some hacks to help boost and hydrate your system ahead of starting your fast.

The renowned medical AEON team recommends a combination of different treatments, from IV vitamin drips that include NAD+, a coenzyme that replenishes mithochondria (power house of the cells) to help boost your energy levels & immunity, with a mix of different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (including glutathione and lipoic acid), which will help to prepare the body for fasting.

Other treatments that can be helpful for your body before Ramadan include low level laser therapy (photobiomodulation), that can speed up the metabolism, as well as peptides, which can enhance the metabolic function and regulate the immune system, protecting it from potential flu. Additionally, ozone therapy can be a great treatment to detoxify the body ahead of beginning your fast.

Airpod oxygen therapy can also be a good treatment to oxygenate your system, which will prevent headaches, brain fog and help to supply adequate levels of oxygen for your overall wellbeing. Last but not least, intramuscular injections with Coenzyme Q10 can be very helpful for those looking for a different approach to energizing their body & boosting their antioxidants levels.


Nutrition 101 – Nutrition tips for an easier fast during Ramadan

by Zeina Soueidan & Sumaia Alkhub


During the holy month of Ramadan, it is required to have complete abstinence from food and drink from dawn till dusk. This helps to detoxify the body and helps to boost the natural healing processes.

Once you begin your fast, the body enters into a fasting state after 8 hours from your last meal consumption. Next, use for energy will be from muscle and liver stores. Once those are depleted then comes the turn of fat stores.
During fasting, there is a chance of using up muscle mass to burn energy, so a balanced diet in the right quantities, will help prevent muscle breakdown. During fasting it is important to focus on maintaining healthy eating habits and avoiding overconsumption of foods.


The AEON dieticians have a few important tips to make it to sunset more easily by focusing on:

  • Reduce your caffeine consumption one week ahead, especially in the morning before Ramadan to avoid the severe headache that will happen once the caffeine level goes down suddenly in your body in the first 2-3 days of fasting
  • Start by breaking your fast slowly – Rehydrate your body with water and eat 1-2 pieces of dried fruits to restore your blood sugar levels and minerals
  • Consume two well-balanced and nutritious meals – Iftar & Suhoor with healthy snacks in between. This is to get enough nutrients to nourish your body
  • Make sure to include food items from all the main food groups: Grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy. This is to get a well rounded nutrient consumption
  • Increase your water intake to maintain hydration levels high. A useful hack is to include light soups, vegetables & fruits that are high in water content like cucumber, celery, broccoli, lettuce, watermelon and cantaloupe. These are excellent to maintain your electrolyte stores. Sip fluids between sundown to sunrise and avoid drinking a lot at once!
  • Reduce salty foods during Suhoor to avoid getting thirsty during fasting hours
  • Suhoor meal is very important don’t skip it! It should be mainly protein! That’s to insure fullness for longer hours so high protein food do this part. Such as egg, cottage cheese, turkey breast, smoked salmon, Greek yogurt
  • Choose more often foods that are rich in fiber like dark leafy green vegetables, fruits with edible skin and complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, cereals, lentils & beans. Fiber is known to delay the absorption of sugar thus keeping you feeling fuller and more energetic throughout the day, supporting the body over longer periods of fasting. It also keeps your bowels regular
  • Try to replace your sweet-tooth cravings with fresh fruits or limit the quantity to a couple of bites of a dessert of choice
  • Choose baked sweets instead of fried items; Add light, homemade syrup using a teaspoon rather than dripping it on top. Portion control is key!

Finally remember that the health factor during Ramadan is not only with the act of fasting but with what is consumed during the non-fasting hours. Contact the AEON Clinic for a personalized plan with our clinical dieticians.

Eid treatments

Enhance your glow this Eid with a variety of treatments that can enhance your beauty & overall wellness from inside out.

The AEON doctors recommend IV drip infusions with stem cells and exosomes, to support the detoxifying benefits post fasting and promote long lasting results after Ramadan.
The miraculous healing power of stem cells include reducing inflammation, repairing & regenerating the tissue, boosting collagen, elastin and cartilage production and reducing joint pain. Exosomes, on the other hand, contain various bioactive molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and growth factors. They have the potential to modulate cellular signaling, promote tissue regeneration and support overall healing processes, as well as promoting skin health, hair growth, enhance joint function and aid in overall rejuvenation.

The AEON team also recommends to continue maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, even after the fasting period.

For those interested in beauty therapies, the AEON Clinic offers advanced aesthetic treatments that include facials, laser treatments and injectables. Our beauty therapists & dermatologists recommend treatments such as hydrafacial, carbon peel (Hollywood facial), DMK enzyme therapy, thread lifting and rejuvenating injectables such as fillers or botox.

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