Restore and enhance your natural vitality & health, whilst unlocking the secret to a longer, healthier life.


5 or 7 days
The sequence and number of treatments will be based upon your initial assessment and the duration of your program


Experience access to personalized & cutting edge stem cell and longevity therapies, all within a luxurious five star environment.


Based upon in depth consultation & testing

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Example of program

The following is a potential outlook into what your customised protocol might look like:

Welcome arrival
Initial in-depth consultations with our renowned medical team
Personalised blood diagnostics
Advanced functional testing
Epigenome testing
DNA and telomere testing
Customised IV infusion
Spa treatments

Nutritional recommendations and protocols
Customised IV infusion
Stress management session
Ozone therapy
Airpod Oxygen
Medical Facials
Gym session with trainer
Spa treatments

Gym session with trainer
Rest in spa facilities
Airpod Oxygen
Photobiomodulation/Laser light therapy
Peptide therapy

AEON Rejuvenance : stem cell therapy
Facial injections of stem cells
Photobiomodulation/Laser light therapy
Customised IV infusion

Concluding longevity consultation with follow ups booked throughout the year
Bio-identical Hormone Therapies
Airpod Oxygen to prepare for your flight back home
Rest in Atlantis spa/pool facilities
Care package hand over including a future plan and home care
instructions to follow in
preparation for departure

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