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Privacy Policy

At AEON, we make every effort to safeguard the privacy of visitors to our website. The types of data we get from visitors, how we keep it, and why we analyze it are all covered by this privacy statement. If you have any more worries or inquiries, please get in touch with us.

Our online actions are primarily governed by this policy. It applies to the data that our website visitors share with us or that we gather about them. It has nothing to do with the data we have amassed offline or through other channels.
The provisions in this privacy policy may occasionally be updated or changed by AEON. It is advised that as a user of our website, you often check this area to be informed about any updates to this policy.

Rights of Users w.r.t. Data Processing

AEON grants its users the right to know if their personal data is being processed. They can also exercise the right to access their personal data and have inaccurate data corrected or get it deleted if they deem it inappropriate. They can also get it deleted if they believe the data is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or if they have withdrawn their previously given consent.

You can, at any time, withdraw your consent for data processing. The interested person may ask that the processing of their data be restricted in certain circumstances. In this instance, we will only maintain it in conformity with the laws currently in effect.

Information We Collect

AEON will gather data about:

  • Browser Version
  • IP Address
  • Your Navigation Pattern & Duration of Visit

Since Google is the company that gathers and uses this information, we recommend that you read their privacy statement since it may store this information. The use of Google Maps, which has access to your location provided you have granted it permission to do so in order to more accurately identify the distance and/or routes to our offices, may also be made available on the Website. In this instance, for further information on the usage and processing of such data, please refer to Google Maps’ Privacy Policy:

Data Accepted through Contact Us

You can get in touch with us directly via email, the website’s “Contact Us,” etc. In order for AEON to be able to contact the user in order to fulfill their request for information, users must identify themselves and provide personal information. The *symbol designates the information that must be provided by the user in order to complete registration. Their requests cannot be submitted if these fields are not provided.

Work with AEON

Your curriculum vitae will be added to our database if you submit it to us via the website, email, or in person at the address or any of AEON’s locations. The CV will be kept on file for a year and then removed if we haven’t been in touch with you. The interested party’s affirmative permission to the processing of the CV’s data upon delivery and check the appropriate box serves as the processing’s legal justification.

The processing is done in order to include it in the selection processes used by AEON now and in the future. If the prospective employee ultimately decides to work at AEON, their information will be added to a database that belongs to the company in order to manage the employer-employee relationship on an internal basis.


The AEON newsletter subscription option is available on the website. You must provide us with an email address to send it to in order for us to accomplish so. Until the interested party requests its cancellation or, if appropriate, AEON ceases delivering it, this information will be kept in a database owned by AEON.

The express consent of all interested parties who sign up for this service by checking the box provided for this reason serves as the legal foundation for processing this personal data.

The user must expressly consent to receive newsletters by checking the appropriate box when registering for them. In this regard, the user has the right to retract the permission they have given by contacting AEON via the methods listed above. In any event, a link or email address will be included in every commercial message with the option to stop receiving them.

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