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What are the benefits of IV vitamin drips?

Oct 31, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness, it’s fascinating to see how the advancements in science progress from traditional methods to cutting-edge regenerative treatments, like Intravenous (or IV) Drips.

IV Therapy is not, in any form, an avant-garde medical therapy nor a passing fad. Since the 1600s, health practitioners have injected drugs directly into the veins, ensuring maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Keep reading to discover the latest in IV Drips and why they’re the next big thing in regenerative wellness therapies.

What are IV drips?

An IV Drip is a type of regenerative medicine that administers a potent mixture of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, accelerating their benefits to the body. This method bypasses the digestive system, ensuring that your body absorbs 100% of the mixture.

During IV Drip Therapy, a healthcare expert, specifically our renowned medical team, will insert a cannula into your vein, usually in the crook of your arm. They will then connect the tube to an IV bag containing the fluid mixture, which will trickle directly into the vein. An IV Drip Treatment typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes, administering an average of 250 to 1000 mL of fluids per session. Meanwhile, you’re free to relax, read, or work as your body receives the treatment.

What are the benefits of IV Drips?

Since IV Drips provide the fastest and most effective way of delivering nutrients to the body, they offer a multitude of health benefits:

Boost hydration

Any physical activity, change in diet, and even the warm Dubai weather can cause your body to become dehydrated. IV Drips can help restore lost hydration in the body by supplying it with the necessary fluid it needs. One of our proprietary IV Drip treatments, Immunity Defense & Hydration, delivers an electrolyte-balanced solution with potent nutrients and minerals that strengthen the immune system and replenish lost hydration.

Relieve pain and enhance athletic performance

IV Drips are ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle, especially professional athletes. Like our Post Gym Recovery treatment, IV Drips can help you perform optimally by providing essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to improve energy levels, soothe tired muscles, and boost metabolism.

Remove toxins and free radicals in the body

Beyond curing hangovers and supplying vital nutrients, our IV Drip Therapy can also help rid your body of toxins and free radicals that can damage cells and accelerate ageing. Most vitamins and minerals formulated in IV Drips contain antioxidants, which counteract the damaging effects of free radicals on the body.

Improve overall health

IV Drips are revolutionary because there’s always a treatment specifically designed for your needs – whether you want healthier hair and skin, improved memory, or  prevention of chronic diseases. Here at AEON, we offer IV Drips that can help increase iron levels, cleanse the liver, improve gut health, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

What’s the best type of IV drip for me?

As the first regenerative wellness centre in Dubai, AEON Clinic offers an array of cutting-edge regenerative wellness and aesthetic treatments. We offer a multitude of IV Drip Solutions backed by our renowned team of medical experts, who will be very eager to offer personalised consultations.

Our AEON Rejuvenescence Signature Custom Drip delivers a specially curated mix of bespoke multivitamins to boost your overall health and wellness. Visit us today to find the most suitable treatment for you.

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